Spotlight on the Trichophytic Donor Closure Technique

In the past, patients who underwent a hair transplantprocedure were left with a visible scar that was anywhere up to two centimeterswide. While this was not a huge issue for patients with long hair, it was noticeable in patients with shorter hair. The trichophytic donor closure technique is a revolutionary way to perform this procedure without leaving a detectable scar.

Keep reading to learn more about this hair transplant option and how it can help you get your ideal results:

The Procedure Encourages Hair to Grow through the Scar

Unlike other techniques, when our surgeon performs the trichophytic donor closure technique, the hair grows through the pencil-thin scar line leaving an undetectable scar.

The Procedure Can Camouflage Existing Scars

If you have had prior hair restoration procedure in the past and have an existing scar, we can remove it with the trichophytic donor closure technique. If you have an old out dated scar, we can correct that for you.

Spotlight on the Trichophytic Donor Closure Technique

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