In our way to say a special thank you, for service above and beyond the call of duty. CSHI just performed our first procedure, facial hair restoration to be exact, on a disabled war vet who served tours in Syria, and Afghanistan. And was awarded the purple heart for his service. We at CSHI we're proud to say thanks for your service, by performing his procedure absolutely free.

It's such a shame that these young men and women put so much on the line, and come home to a fixed disability income, and not many prospects. Giving back some self esteem is important. That's why if your a disabled service vet, or know some one who is, and is need of hair, whether it be on the scalp, facial, or eyebrows, we would like to know about them. And also perform a free procedure for them as well. We feel it's the least we can do, for those who have given so much.

And the more we do, as we get to know these fine veterans, we hope they will let us share their stories and pictures on this page, and our web site. Please contact us at Thanks!

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