Once again, CSHI leads the way in science, and the non surgical method for you to regrow your hair. Of course we're speaking of Embryonic (placenta) Stem Cells. Not only are we performing this procedure on cases every week, but we are the National Training Center for Embryonic Stem Cells with the treatment of Hair Loss. For those patients who are a candidate for this amazing procedure, here's how it works. These Stem Cells, when combined with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) which acts as a booster for the Cells. They take on the character of what they are injected into, and when injected into and around your thinning hair, they act like a fertilizer, and increase the density of your existing hair. And then, actually form new cells, which in turn grows new hair follicles. So you get two results from your treatment. Increased density to your existing hair, and new hair growth as well!

To find out if your a candidate for Embryonic Stem Cells, or if your a hair Physician who would like to be trained, please visit our web site at, from the home page click to the Stem Cell page. Look at the amazing results, and please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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