Hair Transplant Procedures in Denver

Restoring Peoples Hair Across the Nation
Does your lack of hair cause you to be embarrassed about your appearance? The staff at Bio Science Hair of Colorado can help individuals who suffer from premature hair loss or balding restore their hair at an affordable cost. Our employees have more than 25 years of hair transplant experience and can perform various types of hair restoration services. We offer clients free online consultations, travel credit for those who travel more than 90 miles for our services, and our grafts are always $2.00 per graft!

Hair Restoration Procedures

Our hair transplant experts can perform the following types of hair restoration procedures:

  • Follicular Unit Extraction– Follicular unit extraction, or FUE, is a hair transplant technique that removes follicular units from the donor. Grafts are then implanted into areas where the client desires. FUE can be used to create a natural-looking hairline and/or add hair to areas that lack dense amounts of hair. Although FUE patients will have many light colored scars, they are usually not detectable after a client’s hair grows out.
  • Natural Follicular Unit Grafting– Hair naturally grows in groupings of one, two, three, and four hairs. When an individual wishes to undergo natural follicular unit grafting, we remove a certain amount of said groupings, which are also referred to as follicular units, and plant them in areas on a person’s scalp that does not have any or little hair. Many assistants work with our surgeon to help perform natural follicular unit grafting.
  • Trichophytic Donor Closure Technique– The trichophytic donor closure technique helps minimize donor area scarring. Before this type of closure was created, clients usually had scars that ranged from zero to two millimeters in width. While some hair replacement clinics do not voluntarily perform trichophytic closures, our surgeon uses it as a routine part of all linear donor harvests. Patients who have short hair and do not wish to have FUE may want to partake in this hair transplant technique.

Other Hair Restoration Procedures We Can Perform

    Eyebrow Restoration– At Bio Science Hair of Colorado, we can treat thinning eyebrows and thinning hair in Denver; we are pleased to offer eyebrow transplant surgery in addition to hair transplants and other hair loss and hair restoration procedure options.
  • Facial Hair Restoration– Many men may not have the ability to grow facial hair, or lost the ability to grow facial hair after they suffered from a disease, surgical scarring, or aging. If a client cannot grow a mustache, beard, or sideburns that they have always wanted, we can help. We use the same scalp hair restoration techniques to restore a man’s facial hair using hair from a client’s scalp. Scalp hair is almost identical in their texture and growth to facial hair and can help a man restore his sideburns, beard, or mustache.
  • Beard Restoration
  • Transgender Hair Transplant & Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration for Men & Women in Denver

Regardless of your age or gender, the Denver hair transplant experts at Bio Science Hair of Colorado can help you restore your hair and your confidence. Since our institute’s establishment, our staff has performed thousands of transplant surgeries for those who wish to restore their scalp and/or facial hair. If you have any questions, please contact our office at 303-790-7617. Prospective clients may also fill out a complimentary consultation via our website, and one of our hair restoration experts can explain how our institute may be able to help them. If you are suffering from premature hair loss or balding, let Bio Science Hair of Colorado help.


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