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Natural Follicular Unit Grafting in Denver

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Hair transplant techniques have come a long way since their establishment, and the staff at Bio Science Hair of Colorado strives to keep abreast of the latest hair restoration procedures. We have recently adopted the use of dissecting microscopes to create minute hair grafts that still retain the natural characteristics of hair growth. This means by utilizing dissecting microscopes, we can remove hair from a donor area without damaging the hair follicles. Since the human scalp grows about one follicular unit per 1mm and each average about 2.2 hairs, a strip of scalp one centimeter in height and 10 centimeters in length could grow 1,000 follicular unit grafts. Our Denver hair transplant team can move the hair in follicular units and implant them in tiny slits on the top of a client’s head. With the size of hair grafts being so tiny, we can create a natural appearance and help people restore their facial and/or scalp hair.

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Natural follicular unit grafting should not take more than one or two graft sessions for a client to experience complete results. If a client only wishes to undergo one graft procedure, our assistants and surgeon can make one session as successful as possible. Since male-female pattern baldness is progressive, we distribute hair grafts to create a natural and undetectable coverage. When a client requires large areas of natural follicular unit grafting, our team of physicians, nurses, and technicians can cut the donor hair under microscopes into hundreds or thousands of grafts and help insert them into the microscopic slits that our surgeon makes. We only use local anesthesia to perform natural follicular unit grafting, and the procedure is painless once the scalp is anesthetized. Although we do not use postoperative dressing, our staff encourages clients to use saline spray on their scalp every two to three hours for 24 hours.

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The day after a client receives natural follicular unit grafting, they must return to our office to receive a gentle scalp cleansing, and on the second day following surgery, our technicians gently shampoo a client’s scalp. Three days after the procedure, clients can resume their normal shampooing and conditioning habits. Stitches used to close the back of the head are removed by our staff ten days after surgery. Swelling in the forehead area after natural follicular unit grafting is normal and can occur within the first two days following the procedure. Crusting around the grafts and hair loss from the graft site is also part of the natural follicular unit grafting process. To learn more about natural follicular unit grafting, you may contact our office to schedule an appointment with one of our hair transplant specialists. You may also contact our office at 303-790-7617 to discover our other forms of hair transplant procedures.

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