Stem Cell Hair Regeneration Technology

We've been telling you for years that the next big breakthrough in Hair Restoration, is going to be Stem Cell Injections. And we're happy to say that the wait is over! You can now grow your hair back without having a surgical procedure. 15 minutes of Stem Cell Injections, and off you go. Patients can begin to regrow hair in as little as two to fourteen weeks.

Who are good candidates for this procedure?

  • Genetic Hair Loss in Men & Women, and other causes
  • Lack of Hair Growth in the Eyebrows
  • Lack of enough Donor Hair for Surgery‚Äč
  • Increasing Hair Density without Surgery
  • Retaining Hair that's thinning or shedding

BioD Amniotic/Placental ECM (Extracellular Matrix), or BioD Restore. BioD Restore is a human-derived ECM allograft produced from medically screened, sterile harvested cryopreserved donor placental tissue. Placental tissue is an ECM that is protected from rejection. It stimulates Stem Cells and rejuvenates/repair the skin and hair follicles. And because BioD is made from a human placenta, it is automatically protected from rejection. So it promotes healing and new growth.

Please call or email Colorado Surgical & Hair Institute, to discuss the possibilities of scheduling your Stem Cell Hair Regeneration appointment, and begin regrowing your hair today.

Stem Cell - Before & After Gallery:


18 Months After Stem Cells


9 Months After Surgery and
4 Months After Stem Cells



18 Months After Stem Cell Hair Regeneration Technology

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