Transgender Hair Transplant & Hair Restoration

Transsexual Hair Transplant in Denver

We welcome patients that are in a transitional phase of their lives, with over 20 years in providing hair loss solutions to transgender patients. Our skilled doctors take pride in the care offered to transgender patients in order to help them on their way to becoming the people they always knew they were. We understand that they have undergone many obstacles and years of self-evaluation before ultimately deciding to live out their lives as their true gender. Male to Female (MTF/M2F) patients seek a feminine appearance that is as natural, undetectable and as feminine as any other woman. As medical professionals who have continually witnessed the life changing effects of hair transplantation, we are more than happy to provide our services for every patient looking for professional transgender hair regrowth.

Numerous Male to Female individuals frequently embark on a difficult path that incorporates different restorative medications and treatments, as well as various surgeries to accomplish their personal life goals. Transgender hair transplant and transsexual hair transplant sets an exceptionally high bar of difficulty that are both artistic and technical in nature for the male to female transgender individual. Understanding the complexities of how male and female hairlines are in comparison is just a single step in making an effective transgender hair restoration. Moreover, the transgender hair transplant surgery procedure must consider abnormalities in regards to the direction of hair growth among males and females. One vital factor remains an issue for those seeking out transgender hair regrowth procedure: male pattern baldness.

Male to Female Transgender Hair Transplant

Male to female (MTF) transgender hair restoration surgery commonly centers around the differences in hairlines along with battling the impacts of male pattern baldness.

Transgender hair regrowth for most MTF transgender and transsexual people was previously performed by creating a long entry point incision across the scalp in order to pull the hairline in a downwards direction. Unfortunately, this procedure is a far cry from perfection for many reasons. Contrary to the process of lowering the female hairline, in which a female hairline is brought downwards either surgically through an incision or with hair transplantation. The transgender hair transplant process must transform a male hairline into one that appears aesthetically female. For this reason, the hairline cannot merely be brought down by creating an incision point in the scalp and bringing it downwards. While typical male pattern hair loss can leave a general frontal hairline appearance that is in the shape of U or V pattern, a woman’s hairline is lower, fuller and curves downward.

Transgender women who wish to move beyond wigs and artificial hair require a hairline that is similar to a woman’s. Due to our years of experience performing transgender hair transplant procedures, we are sensitive and knowledgeable to your needs as you go through his phase of the process. To make the transition more convenient for our transgender patients, we even offer alternatives for those seeking non-surgical options. We are proud to be one of few hair transplant institutes in Colorado which offers stem cells as a means for hair regeneration. The stem cell regrowth technique increases the density of the patient’s existing hair and activates the growth of new hair follicles. This new improvement in hair restoration is a completely painless, regenerative procedure which can be accomplished quickly with fast results

Due to the personal nature of transgender hair transplantation, we recommend scheduling a consultation with our hair restoration specialists.Our doctors will discuss the process with you and put into account your specific needs and desired outcome in order to help devise a plan that will suit you. Don’t forget to ask our physicians about stem cell hair regrowth for non-surgical alternatives to the traditional hair transplantation methods we offer. Our mission is to make sure that we accommodate our patients to the best of our abilities by offering other options that will work best for each individual. Seek out our experts for your transgender hair regrowth procedure today!


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