Hey Chris, Andy from Columbus, Ohio. Here's a pic of me hair growing in. I'll be back this summer for phase two!

- Andy

On the field At The Super Bowl!!!! It was awesome! Hair is doing great and an amazing difference.

- Larry Nosbish

Hi Chris, just wanted to let you know my hairline filled in quite nicely, I'd like to thank you and your surgeons again. I was a bit paranoid at first, sorry about that, but I'm happy with the results. Do you by any chance perform FUE procedures? Just curious, Thanks again Chris.

- Brandon

Hello Chris,

I want to express my greatest thanks and appreciation to the entire staff of Colorado Surgical Center and Hair Institute. The procedure was made so comfortable because of you, Dr.Boland and all others (sorry, I am bad with names so don't recall everyone's name). You guys did a fantastic job, right for booking the hotel room to taking me to the pharmacy and dropping me back to hotel room after surgery. This is extraordinary hospitality.

I am following the post operative procedures provided to me. The scalp looks good and much clean after the first shower. I am excited for my hair to for my hair to grow back. Thank you once again for everything.



Hi Chris,

I just wanted to thank you for everything. You made it easy to finally take care of an issue I'd been concerned about for a long time. And you were incredibly helpful and kind with the problems I faced with financing. So again, thank you.

- Jacob S

"Very happy with eyebrows after procedure. Sending couple of current pics."

– C.B.

Denver Eyebrow Restoration Customer

Denver Eyebrow Reconstruction Customer

"I just wanted to say thanks to the Colorado Surgical Center & Hair Institute for a job well done. Chris and I e-mailed each other many times and he was very informative and easy to talk to. He picked me up at the airport and took me straight to my hotel room, which the Institute took care of. The next morning he picked me up and brought me to the Institute where the staff was excellent.

There were several staff members involved in the procedure and all were very knowledgeable and friendly. I want to say a personal thanks to Steve who was a big part in inserting my grafts, Catherine who helped make my sites and inserted my grafts; Maryam who helped cut and inserted my grafts, Krista who helped cut my grafts and Mary who also helped cut my grafts. Thanks to all of you I will have a healthy head of hair." – Calvin

"I had my hair transplant at the Colorado Surgical Center and Hair Institute on April 16, 2014. I am so pleased I just wanted to thank everyone starting with Chris McTyre. Chris is the Director at the center. He was able to answer all my question (and I had many). Chris also picked me up at the airport and took me to the hotel. The next morning they picked me up and took me to the center. The staff made me feel at home. They asked a few question and had me fill out some paperwork as well as start taking my meds. They checked my donor area, shaved, and numbed me. They prepared everything for the Dr. then Dr James Boland came in to cut out the donor area and close up the incision. Catherine, Krista, and Maryam then cut the hairs into 1, 2, 3, 4 hair grafts,then transplanted them. Then back to the hotel to rest. Everything is going as planned. I'm also posting my journey on youtube."

Hair Transplant - 2 Months Update:

Hair Transplant - 3 Months Update:

"My experience this time with the procedure is way better than last time!!! The new doc (although takes longer) is way better at cutting and closing the donor site. I don't feel near the pain I had last time. The difference is HUGE! I took 7 days off so it's going to be a nice little vacation." – Carl

"Hey guys! Just wanted to say thanks! To everyone at CHI… thank you so much to Kathryn, Krista, Dr. Boland, and Chris for all your hard work trying to reconstruct my hair and self -esteem along with it, I really appreciate it and will always point anyone I talk to that is interested in an HT to your clinic.

Thanks Chris for hooking me up with that interest free loan and as I start seeing results I'll send you guys some photos." – Turhan

Hair Restoration Customer in Denver

"I wanted to thank you and all of the staff that was involved in my procedure! I am very pleased with my results and grateful for your wonderful staff that made this possible for me!" – Griffin

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