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Exclusive Stem Cell Hair Regeneration Technology

Performing the Gold Standard in Hair Restoration

Colorado Surgical Center & Hair Institute

Are you starting to go bald? Have you been bald for quite some time but recently find yourself yearning for beautiful hair that can help enhance your confidence and appearance? No matter when you started to go bald and why you want to restore your hair, the Denver hair transplant experts at Colorado Surgical Center & Hair Institute can help. We have helped hundreds of people, including Hollywood’s most famous actors and actresses, regain their hair and their confidence.

Colorado Surgical Center & Hair Institute offers quality hair restoration services for low prices. Our skilled hair restoration experts are a few of the limited number of people who can perform the incredibly difficult trichophytic closure procedure. We understand that people may begin to lose confidence as they lose their hair, and our hair restoration professionals strive to do everything in their power to ensure that our clients receive successful hair restoration services. There are many different hair restoration treatment options that we can utilize to restore your beautiful, natural hair. You do not have to suffer from premature hair loss or balding—there is help. Please contact our Denver hair transplant specialists at Colorado Surgical Center & Hair Institute to learn how we can help you.

Denver Hair Transplants

Exclusive Stem Cell Hair Regeneration Technology!

The next big breakthrough in Hair Restoration is here! Grow your hair back without a surgical procedure. Contact Colorado Surgical & Hair Institute today for more information.

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Restore Your Hair and Regain Your Confidence

Whether you live in Denver, Colorado, or anywhere throughout the United States, the staff at Colorado Surgical Center & Hair Institute can help. We offer affordable and successful hair restoration treatments to nearly everyone who seeks our assistance. At Colorado Surgical Center & Hair Institute, we provide:

Serving Clients Across the Country

$500 travel credit for those coming from out of state

Follicular unit extraction, or FUE, is an alternative procedure for performing follicular unit hair transplantation. Unlike a major follicular unit transplant procedure, which uses a strip of donor tissue that is dissected under magnification, the FUE process uses a small punch to extract each follicular unit. By utilizing FUE to restore hair, people can have natural results in a short period of time. We can also perform natural follicular unit grafting, which uses a dissecting microscope to create hair grafts that retain the natural characteristics of hair growth. Since the natural follicular unit grafting process is challenging, we have a team of physicians, nurses, and technicians who partake in the labor-intensive task of cutting the donor hair under microscopes into hundreds/thousands of small grafts. Our team can then insert said grafts into the micro-slits that our surgeon creates in the scalp. Depending on a client, we may have up to five assistants working on a case. Our institute only uses extremely skilled and experienced assistants to ensure the success of this modern-day hair grafting technique.

If a client wishes to have minimal scarring for a hair restoration procedure, we may recommend the trichophytic donor closure technique. Prior to the invention of the trichophytic, or tricho, closures, a client could expect their donor scar to be anywhere from 0-2 millimeters in width. The tricho method is a great option for individuals who have short hair and/or have had previous procedures and wish to cover a donor scar. Individuals who want to restore hair to their thinning or non-existent eyebrows may seek our institute’s assistance. Eyebrow reconstruction treatments are the most natural, low maintenance solution available for both women and men who wish to restore their beautiful eyebrows. Men who have never had the ability to grow facial hair or have lost it due to a disease, surgical scarring, or aging may wish to learn more about facial hair restoration. The same procedures that we use to restore hair on a person’s scalp can be used to restore facial hair.

Performing the Gold Standard in Hair Restoration

For more than two and a half decades, the hair transplant specialists at Colorado Surgical Center & Hair Institute have performed thousands of hair loss procedures on both men and women. We are internationally known for our work on many people in the entertainment business, and our institute’s goal is to help clients restore their hair permanently so they can rest assured knowing they will never lose their beautiful hair again. We offer free online consultations, travel credit for clients who travel more than 90 miles to receive hair restoration treatment, and our hair grafts are always $2.00 per graft. Out of state patients who wish to receive hair transplants from Colorado Surgical Center & Hair Institute may qualify for $500 off of your procedure so they can make their hair restoration procedure even more affordable.

Since most hair transplants are considered cosmetic procedures, they are not often covered by medical insurance. We realize that many clients cannot afford to pay the entire cost of a hair transplant procedure upfront, so our institute offers financing for those who qualify. Colorado Surgical Center & Hair Institute is the most experienced hair transplant center throughout the western United States.

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