Hair Transplant Recovery: What to Expect

Losing hair can be upsetting to many people and can take a toll on both their personal and professional life. Once learning that there is a safe and easy way to restore hair, many people tend to jump right into a hair transplant surgery. Understandable, as the...

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Which Hair Transplant Method is Best for Me?

With celebrities like Matthew McConaughey and Jude Law getting hair transplants and the technology itself getting more advanced, these procedures are becoming more and more popular. The results are more realistic than ever and even the best hair transplant methods are...

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Hair Transplant FAQs

Hair transplantation has become more popular in recent years, especially with more exposure in mainstream media. Because of this, people have been seeking more information on the specifics of the procedure. The most common questions on the subject are about how hair...

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Are Hair Transplants Permanent?

Both men and women suffer from hair loss. This can be due to diet, a variety of illnesses, stress, medications, or other chemical imbalances in the body. It can also be a result of an injury. Thankfully, with the advancements of modern technology, hair transplants are...

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Preparing for Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplant can make you look younger and more attractive. Your doctor will need to prepare you for the surgery so that you will know exactly what to do to make the procedure go better. If you follow instructions, you will have a much better outcome. When the...

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