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We Hire the Best so You Can Receive the Best!

Do not settle for a hair transplant institute that is less than satisfactory. The staff at Colorado Surgical Center & Hair Institute has more than 25 years of hair transplant experience and is more than capable of performing numerous hair restoration procedures. If you want to receive outstanding hair restoration results from outstanding doctors, contact Colorado Surgical Center & Hair Institute by calling 303-790-7617.

Lisa Hammond

Medical Director
Lisa Hammond
Lisa Hammond-2
Lisa Hammond-3

Get to Know Lisa

Being in the make people happy business of medicine is so gratifying. Creating a new artistic hair design each day, and then see the end result of beautiful growth, is a life-changing experience for our patients. You start as a patient but soon become a friend. With my experienced surgical assisting team, we perform the Gold Standard in Hair Transplantation. Whether it’s a FUT or FUE procedure.

And I’m so excited to be on the cutting edge in Hair Science, Embryonic (Placenta) Stem Cell Injection Therapy. Outside of having a hair transplant, the only other way to increase density in your existing hair, and to grow new hair as well. This procedure is exclusively performed here, and we’re training other hair physicians across the country who want to learn this procedure for their patients.

When I’m not restoring hair for our patients from all across the country, you’ll find me spending time with my family, working out, or on the slopes snowboarding in the mountains.

Education & Memberships

  • Front Range Community College, Westminster, Colorado. Associate Degree
  • Eastern New Mexico University, Portales, New Mexico. Bachelor’s of Science
  • University of South Alabama, Mobile, Alabama. Master’s of Science
  • Member of American Hair Loss Council

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