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Do not settle for a hair transplant institute that is less than satisfactory. The staff at Bio Science Hair of Colorado has more than 25 years of hair transplant experience and is more than capable of performing numerous hair restoration procedures. If you want to receive outstanding hair restoration results from outstanding doctors, contact Bio Science Hair of Colorado by calling 303-790-7617.

Chris McTyre

President & Founder

Chris McTyre, the president and founder of Bio Science Hair of Colorado, has always been passionate about charitable work and giving back to the community. Although he felt this way all his life, he really began getting involved in the community back in 2002. In that year, the 5-year-old daughter of a close family friend was riding her bike in her driveway. At the same time, a driver was going down the street. The little girl rode her bike into the street and was hit by the car.

These events prompted Mr. McTyre to create a device called “Kid Watch” that went on a child’s bicycle and keeps them safe while they are out on the street. Along with that, he raised money to buy bicycle helmets for hundreds of children and even pushed the state legislature to install “Watch For Children” signs at the entrance of many neighborhoods. His efforts spanned across 20 states and quickly won him the recognition of the president. To honor his noble efforts, Mr. McTyre was invited to the White House where he had dinner with President George W. Bush and received the Presidential Award. Over the course of the year, he also appeared on talks shows such as Good Morning America and The Today Show. His early work impacted the lives of so many young children.

The desire to do good in the world never left Mr. McTyre’s heart. When he opened Bio Science Hair of Colorado, he pioneered a program that offers pro bono hair replacement services for veterans. Mr. McTyre used to work in Virginia Beach where there was a large population of retired veterans, specifically Navy Seals. Throughout his time there, he came to know several vets personally and learned a lot about their experiences and struggles that arose after returning home. With that grew a deep respect for them and the sacrifices that they’ve made for our country.

Mr. McTyre learned a lot in the company of the veterans, much of which were things he had not previously put a lot of thought into. He learned that when veterans return home, many of them want to establish a new life, a new career, or get an education. However, those who were injured in battle received scars and burns that resulted in hair loss. They have expressed that the burns, scars, and resulting baldness acts as a constant reminder of their time in the military and feel as though it further separates them from society. A lot of them have also shared that every time they are in public, people stare at them and their disfigurements, making them feel more out of place than ever.

Upon learning about this, Mr. McTyre was deeply moved and decided he wanted to do something, anything, to help. He ended up doing what he does best, bringing back the confidence in people’s lives through hair restoration procedures. He began offering free hair restoration procedures to veterans. Today, dozens of veterans come in every year for a variety of hair restoration services.

The hair loss is found all over their body, from the head and chest to their eyebrows and upper lip. No matter what service they need and to what extent, Bio Science Hair of Colorado is happy to oblige.

Bio Science Hair of Colorado has found that, after their procedure, veterans have shared their life-changing experiences with others in their community and social circle. For so long, the veterans had For so long, the veterans had the reminders of their traumas on their body, unable to escape it. But their new hair brought them a feeling of security and normalcy that they sought out for a long time. It brought joy into their lives.

Many of them have even gone on to study computer science at a university or even take on a job as a cook in a high-end restaurant. Bio Science Hair of Colorado now performs free procedures on veterans at least once a month and the number of patients is constantly growing.

Mr. McTyre has never stopped wanting to help people. Besides veterans, he and his staff also provide free hair replacement surgeries on children who have severe scarring. The youngest patient they ever helped was just five years old. When Chris McTyre was asked why he does all of this charitable work, he said, “I’m doing it for their future.”

It’s not just Mr. McTyre but the whole team who is volunteering their time and efforts to bring joy back into these people’s lives. When he proposed his idea to his staff, there was absolutely no hesitation in making the decision. They knew immediately that they, too, wanted to make a change in these vets’ lives. They found that the look on these people’s faces when they see how their hair has regrown speaks volumes. Sometimes, hair restoration is just what is needed to make someone look and feel better.

Jonathan Gallen, MD

Medical Director



Lisa Hammond

Nurse Practitioner

Get to Know Lisa

Being in the make people happy business of medicine is so gratifying. Creating a new artistic hair design each day, and then see the end result of beautiful growth, is a life-changing experience for our patients. You start as a patient but soon become a friend. With my experienced surgical assisting team, we perform the Gold Standard in Hair Transplantation.

And I’m so excited to be on the cutting edge in Hair Science, Embryonic (Placenta) Stem Cell Injection Therapy. Outside of having a hair transplant, the only other way to increase density in your existing hair, and to grow new hair as well. This procedure is exclusively performed here, and we’re training other hair physicians across the country who want to learn this procedure for their patients.

When I’m not restoring hair for our patients from all across the country, you’ll find me spending time with my family, working out, or on the slopes snowboarding in the mountains.

Education & Memberships

  • Front Range Community College, Westminster, Colorado. Associate Degree
  • Eastern New Mexico University, Portales, New Mexico. Bachelor’s of Science
  • University of South Alabama, Mobile, Alabama. Master’s of Science
  • Member of American Hair Loss Council

Lea Gattoni


Get to Know Lea

It is my sincere honor and privilege to work with patients from all over the country to help them achieve their hair restoration goals. I believe that it is important to spend time with patients to thoroughly understand their goals so I can do my best to not only meet but to exceed their expectations.

I am proud to work in a clinic that is on the cutting edge in hair science. My experienced surgical team and I hold ourselves to very high standards when performing FUE procedures. We also perform Embryonic (Placental) Stem Cell Injection Therapy, which is the a non surgical option to increase hair density and promote new hair growth. We are the only clinic in Colorado that offers this non surgical option.

When I am not working, I partake in many outdoor activities including running, hiking, camping, fishing, boating, snowshoeing, and snowboarding. I also enjoy reading, particularly anything related to health and wellness. In addition, I make it a priority to spend as much time as possible with family and friends.

Education & Accolades

  • University of Colorado, Boulder CO


    Bachelor of Science

    Graduated with honors and with Dean’s List Recognition for all 8 semesters

  • Duke University Medical Center, Physician Assistant Program, Durham, NC


    Master of Health Sciences

    Graduated top of class

    Recipient of Phi Alpha Honor Society Award for exceptional scholastic performance

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