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April 26, 2020
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Electric Massage Chair: Right One, Right Options, Right Price

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The right electric massage chair can go a long way to helping us improve not only our sense of well-being, but also our circulation and health. There's just something wonderful about a muscle being massaged. And while a chair can't exactly duplicate the intensity, focus, and absolute effectiveness of an actual human massage therapist, it is a whole lot better than nothing. And in many cases, it is wonderful!

For years, I have dealt with what I have come to call chronic muscle tension in my upper back and neck area. The ill effects of this are many. But instead of looking at the ill effects, lets see how an electric massage chair can help. And they do! I recently had the opportunity to spend some quality "me" time in one and I am happy to report that it was time very well spent. This chair was designed by someone who understands the human musculature. The kneading and pressing motions were particularly helpful to me, as were the general vibrations and massaging from the rollers.

When you go to find an electric massage chair of your own, here are some things to make sure you take note of. If you don't settle for an inferior chair, it will give you all the benefits and longevity you hope for.
  1. Does the chair have a comfortable surface? Low end chairs are sometimes covered in a material that is uncomfortable to sit in. Particularly uncomfortable are the cheap ones that are covered in either a scratchy fabric, or worse, vinyl. These make spending time in the chair so unpleasant that you are better off not buying one at all. Nobody wants to be uncomfortable while they are trying to relax. Sort of defeats the general purpose.
  2. Is the motor strong enough to do the job? A good quality electric massage chair is going to have an ample motor to effectively run the rollers and kneaders. Most people find even a shallow massage somewhat pleasant, but ultimately not very therapeutic. If you have any sort of real muscle tension in your body you need a chair that has the power to exert some real pressure. Particularly desirable are the models that offer an adjustable function that allows the user to actually adjust the tension and pressure of the internal massaging devices. Like in most other areas of life, people like different things. I can never get enough pressure on my muscles, while my spouse prefers a really gentle setting.
  3. Is the electric massage chair priced right for what you really need? Let's face it, some people can afford more, some less. And we all know that there is a big difference between what we think we need, and what we want. The point here is that whether your budget is big or little, there is a chair that can be purchased that will provide some measure of relief. Depending on how much chair you feel you need, just spend accordingly. You can find a really inexpensive models for around a $100. The electric massage chair I tried the other day cost over $5000.
An electric massage chair is an investment in your own health. Just find a comfortable one with plenty of power and options to satisfy your needs and wants, and that is priced right. If you do that you will enjoy years of electric massage chair bliss.


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