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July 25, 2020
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Firsthand information about Beard Hair Transplantation

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It has been found in some men that the hair they have on their face is much lesser that in other men resulting in non-masculinity in such persons. Insuch persons beards and mustache is found to be scanty and such persons are very much depressed because of this situation. There is no medicine or treatment option available to such persons other than the Beard Transplantation which is a surgical procedure.

This procedure is generally performed on goatee areas and mustache areas. It can be performed on beards, cheeks, sideburns etc. also. This procedure can be used for concealing the scars caused by scars etc. by allowing Dense Beard to grow over there.

The loss of hair can occur due to many reasons like genetics, electrolysis, laser hair removal surgery, burns or injuries etc. This can be carried out as a minor filling in a very small area or can be conducted for the full restoration of a goatee. This procedure can be performed to increase the thickness of hair in a specific area or can be carried out to implant hair where there is no hair.

No of transplants required

The number of Beard Hair Transplantation to be carried out for serving a particular purpose can be different from one another. For mustache about 350- 500 grafts are needed at an average. Similarly for full goatee the number of grafts required is 600-700. Only 200-250 grafts will only needed for a side burn and the number of grafts needed for cheek beard is considered to be around 600-700.

Donor hair

Donor hairs are usually taken from the scalp. This donor hair behaves like normal facial hair once they are transplanted in the face. They are permanent after transplant and give a natural appearance.

The procedure

The procedure followed in Beard Hair Transplantation is follicular unit extraction. In this procedure the follicular units of hair are extracted from the donor area and they are allowed to stay in a special solution till the transplantation is made. After extracting and placing all the hair needed for the transplant in the solution, the surgeon clears the beard area and applies required anesthesia over the area where the transplantation is going to take place. After this tiny microscopic slots are prepared on the recipient area by the surgeon by using a fine needle and a microscope. After this the hair to be transplanted are placed in the slits one by one be the surgeon with utmost care and precision till a Dense Beard is formed.


After the surgery the patient can go home on the next day. Necessary antibiotics, pain relievers and anti-inflammatorymedications will be prescribed so that the patient will be without any difficulty or pain. After about one week everything will become normal and the patient can return to his normal life. All the transplanted hair will fall off within one week and they will start growing again after about three months. The re grown hair will be permanent one with all characteristics of natural hair. They can be shampooed, shaved and combed to the desired shape.


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