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September 25, 2020
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Cheerful Flowers Chase Away Winter Doldrums

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Winter days may be short and dark, and it's really beneficial to find some new and interesting ways to add more cheerfulness and color to your house. Nothing comapres to the beauty of live plants and flowers once the winter doldrums must be chased away. If you wish to include a fresh and bright look to your home, here are some ways to do it with flowers.

Gorgeous Cut Flower Bouquets

Even if your backyard flower garden is asleep over the winter, you can still decorate your home with beautiful vases of flowers. You can easily purchase that added touch of color for your home year-round by going to florists, gift shops, or your local supermarket for some beautiful cut floral bouquets. Try adding a vase of flowers to your bathroom to give it a luxurious look. In the living room area, a flower arrangement will add a timeless decorator's touch to your mantel. Or include some style and beauty to your kitchen counter or dining table with a vase of fresh flowers.

Beautiful Floral Wall Art

If you're not equipped to display any fresh cut flowers in your home, you may add color and beauty by using floral wall art. Displayed in picture frames, art prints and paintings depicting floral scenes is usually a great way to cheer up your home's dcor. You can even use an oversized floral canvas or print to decorate one of your walls, and use it to develop a wonderful center of attention in your room. You can also bring a decorative and delightful touch to your walls by using your own floral-themed photographs to create reprints and enlargements. In fact, when spring finally comes, you might take some photographs of your own flower garden and make use of them as wall art. You can create your very own beautiful wall decorations utilizing the photographs of your personal garden for only the price of a few picture frames.

Live Plants and Flowers

Nothing can beat live flowers and plants for their capability to include a touch of spring to your winter decorating theme. Many houseplants have minimal light requirements, which makes them perfect to cultivate indoors during the short days of winter. If you wish to grow several plants that need a little more light, just be sure to put them near your indoor light fixtures. With a little bit of planning, you can even trick spring-blooming flower bulbs including daffodils and tulips into blooming during the cold winter months. These kinds of bulbs must be chilled in their regular winter dormancy period, so it's possible to imitate this process with your refrigerator. If you plant a pot of springtime bulbs and place them inside your refrigerator for 3 or four months, you are able to enjoy some beautiful springtime blooms inside while there's still snow outside. Some excellent choices are paperwhites or amaryllis, which are designed to bloom indoors. During the late winter months you can add some fragrance and beautiful color to your house with branches that you force to bloom indoors, that are cut from such flowering trees and shrubs as forsythia bushes and apple trees.

So brighten up those cold winter days with a few flowers. You'll be so glad that you did!


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