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October 15, 2020
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Do Anti Aging Supplements Really Work?

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Recognized and self-appointed health experts vary in their opinions on whether anti-aging supplements really work. You might assume that it would be certified health and medical experts taking one stand, for or against anti-aging supplements, and those claiming to be experts taking an opposite stance. If only it were that easy.

If opinions on the subject were more clearly divided, it would make it easier for many consumers to decide whether or not to take supplements touted as aging cures. Most of us would rely on the advice of experts with degrees and other professional associations over those who merely claim to have the expertise to offer us health advice. This is not how it is however, as both sides disagree even amongst themselves on the merits of most health supplements, including those said to have anti-aging properties.

Despite claims made otherwise, you cannot stop the process of aging. As you get older, it is possible to reverse the damage or toll that bad eating and exercise habits exact on your body. There are also things you can do to battle the signs of aging. You can eat a healthy well-balanced diet, drink lots of water, get plenty of exercise and a proper amount of rest, protect your skin from too much sun exposure, and do not use beauty products that dry out the skin.

You may also use certain anti-aging projects to help defend sensitive areas of the body like the face and hands where the signs of age are likeliest to show up first. Just remember that there is no such thing as a 'fountain of youth.' Those are clever words used in ads and on products labels to push people eager to stay youthful looking, into buying those products. Collagen depletion in the body happens as we get older and this is the stuff (skin elasticity) that gives our skin that firm and young look.

The average American diet causes most of us have adrenal deficiencies without even knowing it. This accelerates the aging process. DHEA is a hormone supplement that is recommended for correcting adrenal deficiencies and encouraging the body to produce more of this crucial hormone in the body to slow the appearance of age on the body and to de-escalate the rapid aging of the organs in the body.

Testosterone is not just a hormone in males although men do have more of this hormone than women do. This hormone stimulates the sex drive in both men and women and helps to build and support healthy muscle mass structures in the body.

Women's bodies use the hormones estrogen and progesterone for bone density and strength, mental and emotional functions, and sexual appetite and performance. With the onset of menopause women experience a decrease in these hormones and are usually advised to take supplements to aid in restoring sufficient amounts of these hormones to the body. Greater amounts of these hormones in the body are an effective anti-aging tool as well.

Vitamin B12 and B6 help to protect against cardiovascular disease, which may not make your face, look younger, but can help you stay alive longer. Folic acids are important for health too, and pregnant women should try to get more folic acid into their diets as this has shown to be very beneficial to growing fetuses.

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) encourages healthy mitochondrial processes in the body for better health and works as an effective anti-aging supplement.

Carnosine supplements can help older adults to retain more muscle and to strengthen those muscles for greater mobility. This reduces the risks for falls, and can help keep body physique firm and toned.

Fish oil is available as a supplement for those people who do not consume enough fish in their diets that can help protect against heart disease, a common cardiovascular disease that kills many older adults each year. Green teas contain powerful antioxidants that help to protect against cancers and other serious diseases while encouraging healthy cell renewals and hydration to the skin.

Lipoic acids attach to the free radicals roaming the body, which can cause a variety of cancers and diseases, and render these free radicals inoperative before helping to flush them from the body.

The best defense against aging is to take good care of yourself through diet and exercise, not smoking or drinking alcohol in excess, regular healthcare, and reducing the stress in your life. Become educated about the supplements that can help you fight the signs of aging and even prolong your life. Ask your physician if he or she can recommend supplements that you should be taking to extend your life and to help you look and feel younger for longer.


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