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Facial Hair Implants

Denver Facial Hair Restoration Services
Has genetics, prior electrolysis, or trauma due to surgery, burns, or any other type of accident left you unable to grow a mustache, sideburns, or beard? Facial hair transplants are specifically designed to help those who do not have the ability to grow natural facial hair. Bio Science Hair of Colorado can also perform facial hair restoration for those who have the ability to grow small amounts of facial hair or facial hair that only grows in patches throughout the desired area. No matter if a client wishes to have full, dense beard, sideburns, mustache, or goatee, we can perform facial hair transplant surgery to ensure that they receive the facial hair that they always wanted. Our Denver hair transplant experts can also restore hair in areas on a man’s face where they have a visible scar.

How Does Facial Hair Restoration Work?

Like any other type of hair restoration service, facial hair transplants come from a client’s scalp. Hair that grows on scalps almost always have the same texture and growth as a natural beard, sideburn, or mustache hairs. Once our surgeon transplants the scalp hairs in the desired facial region, the hairs are permanent and will require the same maintenance as other natural facial hair. To ensure that a client receives the most natural-looking facial hair implants, hairs are transplanted as one and two hair grafts, since natural beard hairs grow in such a method. Our team also carefully places grafts at the correct angle to mimic natural facial hair growth, and by utilizing microscopically dissected grafts for facial hair replacement, we can help minimize the risk of scarring.

Grow the Facial Hair You Always Wanted

Depending on how thick and where a client wants to have facial hair placed, facial hair surgery usually requires 200 to 2,200 one and two hair grafts to be placed in an individual’s face. Similar to our other hair transplant procedures, we only use local sedatives. This makes the three to four-hour process virtually painless. Please contact Bio Science Hair of Colorado to learn more about our facial hair transplant services!

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