Transgender Hair Transplant & Hair Restoration

Transsexual Hair Transplant in Denver

We welcome patients that are in a transitional phase of their lives, with over 20 years in providing hair loss solutions to transgender patients. Male to Female (M2F) patients seek a feminine appearance that is as natural, undetectable and as feminine as any other woman. Seek out our experts for your transgender hair regrowth procedure today!

The Hairline Appearance

Transgender women who wish to move beyond wigs and artificial hair require a hairline that is similar to a woman’s. Due to our years of experience performing transgender hair transplant procedures, we are sensitive and knowledgeable to your needs as you go through his phase of the process. While typical male pattern hair loss can leave a general frontal hairline appearance that is in the shape of U or V pattern, a woman’s hairline is lower, fuller and curves downward.

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